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This poor sweetie is having a tough time with medical expense stuff, and you guys should check the journal out. Even if you can't help her out you could possibly spread the word like I am. :D
Seeking Help [Me and My Broke Ass Back]EDIT:
There's an important bit of information I forgot to write out when I made the journal initially. I want to assure everyone that every cent I receive as a result of this will go towards nothing other than purchasing a cintiq companion/or something equivalent. I'm tracking every donation and will be adding it up and once I'm able to buy a cintiq I will post proof of purchase! If by some miracle there is any leftover donation money I will be donating it to a charity that I will probably hold a poll for everyone to decide! I really don't expect to go over my goal from donations alone, so whenever I'm able to get back on my feet, even if I don't have any excess donation money left I will try my best to save up on the side to donate to a charity on my own as a small way to pay all of this kindness forward! I've already received so much from you guys, not only monetarily but emotionally and I love you all so much ;_;
So... I didn't think I

Chapter 1: A Tiefling, A Half-Blood-Dragon, and Half-Elf walk into an inn...sounds like the start of a bad joke.

“You sure this is the place?” Mafiosi asked.

“Oh yes. I’m positive.” Rose answered.

“Looks abandoned.” grumbled Cordar.

The trio was standing in front of an inn that did look abandoned. The doors hung off their hinges and stones littered the ground. This was the only inn in Nightstone, a town that was just as abandoned as the inn. wasn’t completely abandoned. There were some goblins and feral dogs hiding in alleys and corners, ready to attack. Though the trio, who had just met like half an hour ago, had been unable to come up with an explanation as to why the town was abandoned, they had decided, after helping each other kill two massive feral hounds, to stick together and loot the town.

“There just has to be something in there.” Rose said.

She turned to her two new “friends” (a term that should have been used loosely given the circumstances of the alliance).

“I don’t think so. It’s just an inn. At the most you might find some money. That is, if the goblins haven’t stolen anything yet.” Cordar said.

His voice having an echo sound that was literally ¼ of a second behind his actual voice. This could be due to the fact that the young wizard was part demon. A tiefling. For all intents and purposes he looked like a human. He had normal legs, no claws, and no forked tail. The only indications that he was part demon was his glowing red eyes, his pale red skin, and his horns that stuck out of his head much like a viking helmet.

Although his backstory wasn’t known, what Rose did know was that he was a very good wizard. He had used several fire bolt spells, which obviously fires bolts of fire at the target, on the hounds. He seemed normal too. Though, to be fair, he did try to seduce one of the hounds for some reason. Silly little demon. You can’t seduce anything with low intelligence.

Rose shifted as Cordar stared at her as if he was trying to figure out what spell to put on her.

“Yeah, well it’s worth a shot.” she said, walking towards the inn.

“Figures the thief would go after any possibility of money.” Mafiosi said.

“Could be worse. I heard her saying that she wants to visit the graveyard.” Cordar said towards his scaly “friend”.

Mafiosi was part dragon, after all. Like Cordar, his skin was red, however, Cordar's skin was scaly (much like a crocodile’s). He had normal features, except for very sharp teeth. He was covered head to toe in armor. He was, for all intents and purposes, a tank.

Mafiosi cursed under his breath. “Of all the people I had to befriend today, it had to be a half demon and a rogue!”

A rogue was essentially a person who backstabbed and stole from others. The only other thing in this world that loved money more than a rogue was a goblin.
“Give her a break.” Cordar offered.

“Why?” Mafiosi asked.

“She is a half elf. Most of them are helpful people.” Cordar pointed out.

“Most of them.” grumbled Mafiosi.

They walked into the inn. As predicted, it was empty.  Stools lay on the side. The only glaring problem was a boulder the size of a carriage in the center of the room with an equally sized hole in the ceiling.

“Holy cr….what caused that?” Mafiosi.

Rose stared at the stone with a mix of astonishment and uneasiness. “Not sure. But whatever it was, it likely threw the boulder.” Rose admitted.

Mafiosi fingered his lance. “Threw?” he asked.

“Most likely, yes.” she said.

“What could do that?” Mafiosi asked, his voice laced with awe.

“Giants most likely.” Cordar replied, inspecting the stone.

“Giants? Do you mean…” Mafiosi put on some shades. “Stone giants?”

Cordar looked at him. “Shut the f@$% up dude.” he said as he opened a side door.

At that moment an arrow impaled itself into the wall beside him.

Prepared, Rose threw one of her daggers into the room and a small thud echoed in the room. They all peeked into the room where a goblin lay with a dagger sticking out of his head. 

"Sweet!" said Rose as she proceeded to loot the goblin.

"Really?" said Cordar as he stepped into the small kitchen with Mafiosi following behind.

"What?" said Rose as she took her dagger out of the goblin's head.

Suddenly, the floor boards above them creaked.  Without really thinking, each person fingered their weapon. Cordar hung his magic staff on the sling he had on his back and took out his quarter staff, perfect for whacking people in the head. Mafiosi gripped his lance. And Rose took out her other daggers. Without saying anything, they all silently filed up the stairs. Mafiosi went first, then Cordar, then Rose.

Realizing he was going into potential danger first, Mafiosi stopped.

“Wait. Why am I going first?” he whispered.

“Because you are big!” Cordar said.

“Plus your armored. Anything attacks you, nothing will happen.” Rose said.

They started pushing him down the hallway towards the one door that was fastened closed. The other doors were wide open and empty. One room was the room that had been directly over the entrance and had a giant hole in both its ceiling and its floor.

“Go on! Open the door!” Rose hissed.

“I’m still against this!” Mafiosi complained.

However, he relented and kicked open the door with such force that he literally put his foot through the door. Cursing, he extracted his foot from the hole in the door that his foot had created. The trio rushed in. The room seemed empty.

“Well, no one here. How about we just…” began Mafiosi. Cordar’s eyes narrowed. “Wait.” he said.

He waved his hand and the shadows in one corner receded, revealing a woman. She stood there with a cloak and chain mail. Her dagger was defensively out and on her shoulder rested a snake with wings.

“Come on out!” Cordar bellowed.

The lady shuffled forward, clearly nervous.

“Who are you? What are you doing in this town?” Cordar demanded.

“ don’t hurt me! I’m just an innocent traveler traveling from…” the girl began to stammer.

“Bullsht. Don’t even try to lie to me. Now answer the question: what are you really doing here?” Rose demanded.

“I...okay. You got me. My name is Killa BlackHope. I’m an agent of…” the girl began.

“Wait a second...did you say Kill a black ho?” Rose asked.

“That isn’t what I…” the girl tried to say before being drowned out by laughter.

Looking annoyed, she waited until the trio had finished laughing. “That is not my name! My name is Killa BlackHope.”

There was even more sniggering. Killa sighed, clearly tired of the taunting.

“And I’m an agent of Zheratim.” Killa said.

“What’s that?” Mafiosi inquired.

The other two were equally perplexed. “It is a secret organization that owns much of the land in this place and has billions of gold in reserve. Our numbers are unknown and our sole job is to infiltrate every aspect of society and try to control the masses.” Killa said.

The trio stared at her.

“I think we should throw her out the window.” Cordar admitted.

“What? Why?” Rose asked.

“She just admitted to being part of a secret organization that wants to rule everything. I don’t think she’s trustworthy.” Cordar explained.

“Regardless, we don’t try to kill everyone we meet.” Rose snapped.

“So wait...does that mean you are a part of the illuminati?” Mafiosi asked Killa.

Killa scowled. “No. We are a secret organization that…” Killa began.

“Wants to control everything, yeah we get it. You’re illuminati.” Cordar said.

“I must warn you that when the cloud giants attacked, I sent my snake out to my allies for backup. They’ll be here within a few hours. And they don’t take kindly to strangers.” Killa said.

The trio looked at her for a while.

“Cloud Giants?” Rose asked.

“Yes!” “Were they made of clouds?” Mafiosi joked.

Killa took a deep breath and glared at him. “Of course not. They came in on a stone castle that floated in the air!” she said. Again, the trio stared at her. Cordar slowly leaned in and looked her in the face.

“Are you high?” he asked.

“Cordar!” Rose snapped.

Cordar shrugged. “Look, the point is that my friends are coming and they are expecting me unharmed. They will attack if you treat me badly.” Killa said.

“Yeah...I say we tie her up.” Rose said.

The other two didn’t object. Within two minutes, three if you count the wrestling they had to do with the snake (who refused the be restrained), Killa was tied up. Since the snake had given the trio so much grief, they used the snake as a gag. Killa looked both horrified and sick.

“Well that clears everything up! What should we do now?” Rose asked while rummaging around Killa's stuff.

“Well, we could look through the rest of the town.” Mafiosi said.

“But what do we do about her?” Rose asked.

“We can’t leave her here. She’d probably escape.” Cordar reasoned.

“We’ll take her with us.” Rose decided.

And so it was agreed that the lady would become their hostage and where they went, she went.
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[REQUEST] You Can Never Run From Me by CatHedgehog  I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by CatHedgehog  Katenka Lora by CatHedgehog
I really enjoy the colors you use in your art!








Pink Lion Watercolor by reptileprincess…
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I'm not a huge fan of journals, but I am interested in this artist's art! If you are interested too, check out this journal: 

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Their work is so cute <3