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This poor sweetie is having a tough time with medical expense stuff, and you guys should check the journal out. Even if you can't help her out you could possibly spread the word like I am. :D
Seeking Help [Me and My Broke Ass Back]EDIT:
There's an important bit of information I forgot to write out when I made the journal initially. I want to assure everyone that every cent I receive as a result of this will go towards nothing other than purchasing a cintiq companion/or something equivalent. I'm tracking every donation and will be adding it up and once I'm able to buy a cintiq I will post proof of purchase! If by some miracle there is any leftover donation money I will be donating it to a charity that I will probably hold a poll for everyone to decide! I really don't expect to go over my goal from donations alone, so whenever I'm able to get back on my feet, even if I don't have any excess donation money left I will try my best to save up on the side to donate to a charity on my own as a small way to pay all of this kindness forward! I've already received so much from you guys, not only monetarily but emotionally and I love you all so much ;_;
So... I didn't think I
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